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Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick (Age at birth: 4 years, 9 months.)

Dam: Bailebrae Kariad (Age at birth: 3 years, 6 months.)

Date of Birth: 19 September 1992

Bred by: SOARES


Noinin Cnoc Noll Of Limerick

(M) 19 September 1992, HM43055107, Red Wheaten

US CH Grianan Ladd Of Limerick

5 January 1988
Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: M.G. Scheer

US CH Starkeeper's Ard Darby Grianan

4 September 1980
Red Brindle

US CH Elmbrae's Starkeeper Trevor

18 June 1979

Breeder: L. Kelly

CA CH Elmbrae's Carrowdore

13 August 1976

Breeder: L. Kelly

Elmbrae's Eibhlin

16 October 1974 Gr Brdl

Breeder: L. Kelly

Meille's Lady Leland

26 November 1977

Breeder: G. Henry

Bardic's Rakas Meille

3 March 1972 Grey Brindle

Bardic's Sylkamme Meille

23 January 1975 Wheaten

US CH Kellcastle Alain Banselgare

19 November 1983
Gray & Brindle

Breeder: D. Webb & B. Griffin-Webb

US CH Grianan Mann Of Limerick

5 May 1982
Wheaten & Brindle

US CH Destiny Mohr Of Limerick

5 October 1979 Gray & Wheaten

Breeder: S. T. McCombs

US CH Grianan Nic Ma Lenaun

9 March 1979 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: R. Kaluza

US CH Ceile Of Limerick

26 June 1980

Breeder: L. Souza

US CH Shaw Of Limerick

16 December 1977 Gray & Brindle

10 years, 5 months.

Breeder: Souza & Tierney

US CH Robin Of Limerick

4 September 1976 Wheaten & Brindle

Breeder: L. Souza

US CH Bailebrae Kariad

5 April 1989
Red & Brindle

Health checks:

Breeder: M. T. Grotano

US CH Fitzarran Jasper

25 November 1986
Gray & Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CA CH Fitzarran Shadowfax

20 December 1982
Gray & Brindle

5 years, 7 months.

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Solstrand Fenton Of Bailebrae

6 April 1980 Red & Brindle

11 years, 4 months.

Breeder: D. A. Kenis Pordham

US CH Eaglescrag Janine

6 January 1978 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

US CH Fitzarran Wicce

26 January 1984
Red & Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Fitzarran Momus

26 January 1981 Gray & Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Fitzarran Kelt

12 November 1979

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Fitzarran Madara O Bailebrae

20 December 1982
Red & Brindle

Breeder: W. & B. Deemer

US CH Solstrand Fenton Of Bailebrae

6 April 1980
Red & Brindle

11 years, 4 months.

Breeder: D. A. Kenis Pordham

GB CH Eaglescrag Lysander

27 December 1975

9 years, 6 months.

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

Solstrand Santa Anita

17 March 1978

Breeder: D. A. Kenis Pordham

US CH Eaglescrag Janine

6 January 1978
Gray & Brindle

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

ES PT CH Eaglescrag Liam

27 December 1975

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

GB CH Eaglescrag Kelt

16 December 1972

Breeder: L.S. & R. Jenkins

Full siblings

Number of full siblings: 6

Noinin Cnoc Caramia Catsmeow (7 Offspring) Lifespan: 9 years, 0 months

Noinin Cnoc Elkie

Noinin Cnoc Neala O'Limerick (4 Offspring)

Noinin Cnoc Riley (6 Offspring)

Noinin Cnoc Tadhgh

Noinin Cnoc Tara O'Hara

Half siblings

Number of half siblings: 89

Number of litters with half siblings: 19

Litter number 1:

Born 29 May 1989

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Kellcastle Holleigh Mcbrea

Knightwind's Barnaby Glen

Knightwind's Black Magic (5 Offspring)

Knightwind's Clancy O'Toole

Knightwind's Delightful Dude

Knightwind's Emerald Mist (8 Offspring)

Knightwind's Fergus O'Ladd

Knightwind's Irish Lady Anne

Knightwind's Kellcastle Kiss

Knightwind's Macushla Aluinn

Knightwind's Rett Carrigan

Knightwind's Sir Darby

Knightwind's Tara

Litter number 2:

Born 4 December 1989

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Binsrath Arddun O Barragwynn

Barra Gwynn Cest Moi Ail-Inor

Barra Gwynn Cest Moi Germont (4 Offspring)

Barra Gwynn Cest Moi Gwilym

Barra Gwynn Jessica (7 Offspring)

Barra Gwynn's Harper Too

Barragwynn Cest Moi Ayn

Barragwynn Cest Moi Chpnverse

Barragwynn Dafydd Of Kileen

Clancy Ni Barragwynn

Houndshavens Neatntidy Tybie

Litter number 3:

Born 14 February 1990

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Destiny Maghera O'Mann

Destiny Cluny O'Ladd

Destiny Irish Lace O'Ladd

Destiny Largo O'Ladd

Destiny Leary O'Ladd

Destiny Leigh O'Ladd

Destiny Lolleigh O'Ladd (15 Offspring)

Destiny Luv O'Ladd Of Limerick

Destiny Lyric Maclad Grianan (10 Offspring)

Destiny Rehoe O'Ladd (6 Offspring)

Litter number 4:

Born 7 April 1990

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Grianan Meirleac Maeve

Grianan's Morrigan Maeve (3 Offspring)

Litter number 5:

Born 8 February 1991

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Latunski's Flora Temple

Abby Of Shredwear

Lough Key Of Tara Hill

Sir Jazzley Of Tara Hill

Sweet Alys Of Tara Hill (6 Offspring)

Tarahill's Casey

Litter number 6:

Born 14 February 1991

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Powerscourt Windy Hill Star

Liath Alain Of Millstreet

Powerscourt Valentine Flash (7 Offspring)

Windy Hill Earl Gospatric

Windy Hill Special Valentine

Windy Hill Valentine Knight

Litter number 7:

Born 21 April 1991

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Kellcastle's Sumpin' Sweet

Kellcastle Puca Dubh Of Tory (8 Offspring)

Tory Kellcastle Sumpin'specl (3 Offspring)

Tory Kellcastle Sweet Lass

Tory Shayne Of Kellcastle (9 Offspring)

Litter number 8:

Born 13 September 1991

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Kaelyn's Promise Of Limerick

Kaelyn Beau Shaw Of Limerick

Kaelyn Gillian of Limerick

Kaelyn Kennebec Of Limerick (3 Offspring)

Kaelyn Limrick Tara Baragwyn

Kaelyn Osbourne of Limerick

Kaelyn Sasha of Limerick

Kaelyn's Jamboree of Limerick

Kaelyn's Murffey Mc Peepers

Kaelyn's Tip O'Ladd Of Limerick (1 Offspring)

Litter number 9:

Born 26 March 1992

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Stoneridge Starkeeper Adair

Starkeeper Elle Est Chanceuse (13 Offspring)

Litter number 10:

Born 5 April 1993

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Stoneridge Starkeeper Darragh

Starkeeper Blackthorn Jaklene

Starkeeper Coolahbah Jezebel (3 Offspring)

Starkeeper Sentimental Journey

Starkeeper's Celtic King Jarl

Starkeeper's Johnigan

Starkeeper's Stonewall Jackson

Litter number 11:

Born 9 August 1993

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Hickory Knoll's Ghillie

Hickory Knoll's Amby Bodkin

Hickory Knoll's Hawke (32 Offspring)

Hickory Knoll's Will Penny (5 Offspring)

Litter number 12:

Born 18 December 1993

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Stoneridge Starkeeper Dawn

Ashtree Ceallachan Ladd

Ashtree's McGyver

Litter number 13:

Born 10 March 1994

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Destiny Desire O'Dylan

Destiny T Norman McLadd

Destiny Tara McLadd

Destiny Tor McLadd

Destiny Treasure McLadd (4 Offspring)

Destiny Trish McLadd

Litter number 14:

Born 5 January 1995

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Kaelyn's Irish Bailee

Broguen Of Bailee's Horizon

Horizon's Miss Kate

Horizons Ms Darby

Litter number 15:

Born 19 July 1995

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Noinin Cnoc Neala O'Limerick

Dionn Of Limerick

Emerald Sage Of Limerick

Mysham Breeawna Of Limerick

Tory Legend Of Limerick (4 Offspring)

Litter number 16:

Born 29 April 1998

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Destiny Merit McBrody

Desitny Ali McLadd

Destiny Aurora Of Limerick

Litter number 17:

Born 6 August 2003

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Kaelyn Cashmere Of Legacy

Legacy's High Jinks (10 Offspring)

Legacy's Roxanne (10 Offspring)

Legacy's Satisfaction

Legacy's Smokey Robinson

Litter number 18:

Born 29 November 2007

Sire: Grianan Ladd Of Limerick Dam: Ard Rhi's Alsabel Of Eagle

Aladdson Aengus Of Ard Rhi

Ard Rhi's All About Me V Quinlan (5 Offspring)

Ard Rhi's Alusru Of Aran

Ardrhi's Afinn Mccool

Number of offspring: 55

Total number of unique descendants: 7,662

(Total born worldwide after Noinin Cnoc Noll Of Limerick: 84,489)

Litter number 1. Partner: Tory Kellcastle Sumpin'specl

Litter born: 8 April 1994

Tory Kasey O'Noll Red & Brindle

Tory Keenan O'Noll Red & Brindle

Tory Sumpin' Spicy O'Noll Red & Brindle

Litter number 2. Partner: Stoneridge Starkeeper Darragh

Litter born: 27 April 1994

Starkeeper's Dearg Niall (50 Offspring) Red & Brindle

Starkeeper's Nioclas Cuhaven WHEATEN/BRINDLE

Starkeeper Grayspirit Nicara Brdl

Starkeeper Of The Night Skye Gr Brdl

Starkeeper's Na Kennedy Gr Brdl

Starkeeper's Norah Ni Ierne (8 Offspring) Lifespan: 5 years, 0 months (Bone cancer) Rd Brdl

Starkeeper's Northern Light Whtn Brdl

Starkeeper's Pooka of Noll Rd Brdl

Starkeepers Castlewood Nell (8 Offspring)

Litter number 3. Partner: Starkeeper Joncarra Sud Belle

Litter born: 16 January 1995

Joncarra Starkeeper Martan Wheaten & Brindle

Joncara Denison Celtic Charm RED & BRINDLE

Joncarra Starkeeper Fiona WHEATEN

Litter number 4. Partner: Destiny Lolleigh O'Ladd

Litter born: 4 February 1995

Destiny N Martyn McNoll Red & Brindle

Destiny Niall McNoll Red & Brindle

Destiny Nicholas McNoll Wheaten & Brindle

Destiny Noble McNoll (5 Offspring) Wheaten & Brindle

Destiny Nuallain McNoll Gray & Brindle

Destiny Noreen McNoll (6 Offspring) Red & Brindle

Destiny Tory Norah McNoll (11 Offspring) Wheaten & Brindle

Litter number 5. Partner: Fleetwind Whitehall Crystal

Litter born: 29 May 1995

Fleetwind Cailin Chinn Oir Wheaten

Fleetwind Firefly RED

Fleetwind Priscilla Desert Cu WHEATEN

Fleetwindmerimadigan Madeira (5 Offspring) Red Wheaten

Litter number 6. Partner: Kaelyn's Tip O'Ladd Of Limerick

Litter born: 17 December 1995

Kaelyn's Material Girl O'Noll (7 Offspring) Lifespan: 4 years, 4 months (Osteosarcoma) Brindle

Litter number 7. Partner: Carroy Victoria Secret

Litter born: 28 February 1996

Carroy Liam O'Noll Red Wheaten

Carroy Mysham Vision O'Noll (5 Offspring) Rd

Carroy Ulysses Of Gentor (4 Offspring) Wheaten

Carroy Caitlin Red Wheaten

Carroy Eirinn O'Noll (3 Offspring) Red Wheaten

Carroy Siobhan Red

Carroy Vanity Faire Red

Carroy Victoria's Scarlett Red & Wheaten

Carroy Visa Gold (17 Offspring) Red

Litter number 8. Partner: Buloach Cu Golly Miss Molly

Litter born: 13 March 1996

Buloach Cu Tiogar O'Limerick Red & Brindle

Buloach Cu Zorro Of Limerick Wheaten & Brindle

Litter number 9. Partner: Quarisma Of Kilmara

Litter born: 1 May 1996

Udgard Of Kilmara

Urlimerick Of Kilmara (41 Offspring)

Urania Of Kilmara Blond

Ushi Of Kilmara

Utopia Of Kilmara

Litter number 10. Partner: Destiny Regina O'Ryan

Litter born: 6 May 1996

Destiny V McNoll O'Buloachcu WHEATEN & BRINDLE

Destiny Valentine McNoll Red

Destiny Vanella Mcnoll (12 Offspring) Wheaten

Destiny Vannie Moira McNoll WHEATEN

Destiny Veda McNoll WL Rock GRAY & BRINDLE

Litter number 11. Partner: Starkeeper Coolahbah Jezebel

Litter born: 5 July 1996

Starkeeper Zephyr at Fitzwick Wheaten

Starkeeper Ard Zelda The Red (5 Offspring) Red & Brindle

Starkeeper Meagan Zenith Archu Rd Whtn

Litter number 12. Partner: Destiny Ciara Mclugh

Litter born: 8 September 1999

Destiny S McNoll Conchobar Red & Brindle

Destiny Scot Of Limerick Wheaten

Destiny Shea McNoll Red & Brindle

Destiny Sierra McNoll (5 Offspring) Wheaten & Brindle

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Total number of possible ancestors (4 gens): 30

Actual number of ancestors: 28 (14M/14F)

Ancestorloss: 2

Percentage lost: 6.67%

Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 93.33%

Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0.00% (4 generations)

Coefficient of Inbreeding compared to breed average

The Kennel Club recommends breeding with a lower Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) than the average.
Average COI worldwide over the last 10 years for 4 generations is 2.6%. Green areas are well below average COI. The yellow area marks average COI +/- 0.5% point. Red areas are well above average.

Lifespan in pedigree

Average recorded lifespan in pedigree: 9 years, 8 months.Based on lifespan-info of 5 entries in pedigree out of a possible 30 (16.67 %).

Recorded breed average in iwdb.org is 7 years, 5 months.Based on lifespan-info of 5753 dogs

Dogs that died in their first year are left out of the calculations, according to normal practice when calculating average longevity information in dogs.


Basis for veteran age is FCI-regulations; 8 years

We have 4 recorded veterans in this pedigree. 1 died before veteran-age.

We are missing info on 25 dogs

80.00% of dogs with known lifespan were veterans

Ancestor lists

Sire and Damline

Sires and dams


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