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Sire: Sulhamstead Max (Age at birth: 4 years, 9 months.)

Dam: Ballykelly Patsy Fagan Of Boroughbury (Age at birth: 3 years, 3 months.)

Date of Birth: 18 June 1964

Bred by: E. F. James

Sulhamstead Cashel Of Boroughbury

(F) 18 June 1964,

GB CH Sulhamstead Max

10 September 1959

6 years, 9 months.

Cause of death: Adder bite

Breeder: F. Nagle

GB CH Sulhamstead Fellus

14 May 1953

7 years, 1 months.

Breeder: F. Nagle

GB CH Sanctuary Rory of Kihone

31 January 1951

9 years, 7 months.

Breeder: J. McGregor

Taddeus of Kihone

29 August 1948 Gr Brdl

Breeder: J. McGregor

Chalet Cam

24 April 1945 Gr Brdl

Breeder: Greenwood

Sulhamstead Felcara

26 September 1946

Breeder: Stephens

Sulhamstead Cosmo

1 August 1944

Breeder: F. Nagle

Artel Felclarion

3 June 1939

Breeder: D. Hartland-Rowe

GB CH Sulhamstead Mystic

9 September 1957

5 years, 9 months.

Cause of death: Bloat

Breeder: F. Nagle

Sulhamstead Sedlestan Rebel

22 September 1955

4 years, 9 months.

Breeder: F. Nagle

US CH Cragwood Barney O'Shea of Riverlawn

12 March 1949 Gr

6 years, 6 months.

Breeder: N. Smith

Sedlestan Rona

19 March 1950

5 years, 6 months.

Cause of death: Died after giving birth

Breeder: Stephens

GB CH Sulhamstead Melba

7 September 1953

9 years, 9 months.

Breeder: F. Nagle

GB CH Sanctuary Rory of Kihone

31 January 1951

9 years, 7 months.

Breeder: J. McGregor

Sulhamstead Mesa

22 August 1948

Breeder: F. Nagle

Ballykelly Patsy Fagan Of Boroughbury

8 March 1961

Breeder: S. Seale

IE GB CH McGilligan Of Ballykelly

11 February 1957

Breeder: S. Seale

Molony Of Ballykelly

19 June 1949

Breeder: S. Seale

IE CH Artel Ballykelly Sandy

26 November 1943

Breeder: S. Seale

Shanganagh Of Ballykelly

29 July 1945

Breeder: S. Seale

IE CH An Tostal Of Ballykelly

16 April 1953

Breeder: S. Seale

IE CH Brannigan Of Ballykelly

25 August 1950

Breeder: S. Seale

Patricia Of Boroughbury

6 May 1948

Breeder: E. F. James

Kingsholme Sunshine

3 November 1954

Breeder: C.E. Gilbert

Rippingdon Rathgelert

1 September 1950

Breeder: E.M. Croucher

Kerryman Of Boroughbury

12 April 1947

Breeder: E. F. James

Rippingdon Tessa Of Boroughbury

25 July 1947

Breeder: E.M. Croucher

Sedlestan Rosamond Of Kingsholme

22 February 1953

Breeder: Stephens

GB CH Sanctuary Rory of Kihone

31 January 1951

9 years, 7 months.

Breeder: J. McGregor

Sedlestan Rona

19 March 1950

5 years, 6 months.

Cause of death: Died after giving birth

Breeder: Stephens

Full siblings

Number of full siblings: 7

Buckhurst Cathleen Of Boroughbury (27 Offspring)

Clare Of Boroughbury

Clonboy Of Boroughbury

Clontarf Of Boroughbury

Clune Of Boroughbury

Con Of Boroughbury

Kilkara Kate Of Boroughbury

Half siblings

Number of half siblings: 97

Number of litters with half siblings: 20

Litter number 1:

Born 15 February 1962

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Media

Sulhamstead Madge

Sulhamstead Mamie

Sulhamstead Marty

Sulhamstead Matthew

Sulhamstead Myrtle

Litter number 2:

Born 28 August 1962

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Mona

Sulhamstead Mac Of Killybracken (48 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Macel

Sulhamstead Maigret Lifespan: 3 years, 10 months

Sulhamstead Marius

Sulhamstead Mate

Sulhamstead Miletus

Sulhamstead Misti (8 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Molino (6 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Molvido

Litter number 3:

Born 6 January 1963

Sire: Colin Of Nendrum Dam: Ballykelly Patsy Fagan Of Boroughbury

Boroughbury Blazon

Boroughbury Brenda Of Petasmeade (12 Offspring)

Boroughbury Brickeen (12 Offspring)

Boroughbury Brogue

Outhwaite Boroughbury Brosha (22 Offspring)

Sanctuary Boroughbury Bawnshe (36 Offspring)

Litter number 4:

Born 20 January 1963

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Carol Of Eaglescrag

Bunratty Cormac Of Nendrum

Connel Of Nendrum (111 Offspring)

Cormac Of Nendrum

Corrie Of Nendrum (22 Offspring)

Cuan Of Nendrum

Eaglescrag Carrick Of Nendrum

Eaglescrag Clonroe Of Nendrum (138 Offspring)

Litter number 5:

Born 11 June 1963

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Mapleton Mermaid

Mapleton Maverick

Mapleton Mist (7 Offspring)

Mapleton Mistletoe

Mapleton Mulga

Litter number 6:

Born 11 August 1963

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Boroughbury Samando Patsy

Boroughbury Corky

Boroughbury Dora

Boroughbury Flanagan

Litter number 7:

Born 30 September 1963

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Mona

Sulhamstead Maximum

Litter number 8:

Born 7 December 1963

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Saragh Of Eaglescrag

Clindhu Of Eaglescrag (77 Offspring) Lifespan: 8 years, 7 months

Crimnea Of Eaglescrag (4 Offspring)

Driella Of Eaglescrag (12 Offspring)

Durathraw Of Eaglescrag

Gadeslin Of Eaglescrag

Grimnea Of Eaglescrag (14 Offspring)

Pendragon Of Eaglescrag

Sulhamstead Morna Of Eaglescrag (4 Offspring)

Windhover Of Eaglescrag

Litter number 9:

Born 13 April 1964

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Rosa

Eamon Of Eaglescrag

Earl Of Eaglescrag

Elsa Of Eaglescrag (13 Offspring) Lifespan: 10 years, 1 months

Ensor Of Eaglescrag (7 Offspring)

Knockaderry Esler Of Eaglescrag (3 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Egan Of Eaglescrag

Litter number 10:

Born 17 May 1964

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Mona

Sulhamstead Marina (2 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Marlene (10 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Marquis (9 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Mignon

Sulhamstead Musette (6 Offspring)

Litter number 11:

Born 9 September 1964

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sanctuary Stately Saragh

Balor Of Riverlawn

Ina Of Riverlawn

Sanctuary Dysart

Sanctuary Gara

Sanctuary Gentle Colleen

Sanctuary Hurrish (6 Offspring)

Sanctuary Iona

Sanctuary Iseult

Sanctuary Moy

Sanctuary Tigernach

Litter number 12:

Born 22 October 1964

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Saragh Of Eaglescrag

Della Of Eaglescrag

Litter number 13:

Born 23 October 1964

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Saragh Of Eaglescrag

Danny Of Eaglescrag

Litter number 14:

Born 1 April 1965

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Moonyeen Of Boroughbury

Blarneylooby Adam

Blarneylooby Angus

Blarneylooby Anna

Sulhamstead Martin

Sulhamstead Minnie

Sulhamstead Moke

Litter number 15:

Born 18 September 1965

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Maria

Sulhamstead Mantis

Sulhamstead Mao

Sulhamstead Marda

Sulhamstead Marika

Sulhamstead Marta

Sulhamstead Marta of Killybracken

Sulhamstead Match (35 Offspring)

Sulhamstead Melissa (6 Offspring)

Litter number 16:

Born 1 January 1966

Sire: Ballykelly Killinick Of Boroughbury Dam: Ballykelly Patsy Fagan Of Boroughbury

Mellan Of Boroughbury

Moiragh Of Boroughbury

Moville Of Boroughbury

Moyanna Of Boroughbury (4 Offspring)

Murphy Of Boroughbury

Litter number 17:

Born 27 February 1966

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Merle

Sulhamstead Midas

Sulhamstead Minx

Sulhamstead Mora

Litter number 18:

Born 28 March 1966

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Fredwell Starlight Of Eaglescrag

Carrick Of Cloyne

Cilla Of Cloyne

Colleen Of Cloyne

Cormac Of Cloyne (1 Offspring)

Creina Of Cloyne

Litter number 19:

Born 12 May 1966

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Myth

Sulhamstead Mace

Sulhamstead Mole

Litter number 20:

Born 27 July 1966

Sire: Sulhamstead Max Dam: Sulhamstead Merle

Sulhamstead Maestro (30 Offspring)

Number of offspring: 22

Total number of unique descendants: 67,152

(Total born worldwide after Sulhamstead Cashel Of Boroughbury: 150,827)

Litter number 1. Partner: Brannigan Of Ballykelly

Litter born: 15 August 1955

Cormac Of Ballykelly (1 Offspring)

Litter number 2. Partner: Sulhamstead Maestro

Litter born: 21 March 1969

Maegen Khubla Khan

Maegen The Ambassador

Maegen The Majestic

Sulhamstead Cilla (2 Offspring)

Litter number 3. Partner: Ciaren Of Pendomer

Litter born: 29 September 1970

Barney Of Pendomer (26 Offspring)

Casey Of Pendomer

Christian Of Pendomer

Colin Of Pendomer

Thor Of Pendomer

Cashel Of Pendomer (15 Offspring)

Catrina Of Pendomer (25 Offspring)

Emma Of Pendomer (10 Offspring)

Sheila Of Pendomer (33 Offspring)

Sunshine Of Pendomer (18 Offspring)

Litter number 4. Partner: Damian Of Pendomer

Litter born: 27 September 1971

Pendomers Dermot (1 Offspring)

Pendomers Rory

Pendomers Dena

Pendomers Grainne (13 Offspring)

Litter number 5. Partner: Damian Of Pendomer

Litter born: 19 September 1972

Pendomers Jet

Pendomers Knight

Pendomers Rosamond (8 Offspring)

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Total number of possible ancestors (4 gens): 30

Actual number of ancestors: 27 (13M/14F)

Ancestorloss: 3

Percentage lost: 10%

Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 90%

Coefficient of Inbreeding: 1.56% (4 generations)

Coefficient of Inbreeding compared to breed average

The Kennel Club recommends breeding with a lower Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) than the average.
Average COI worldwide over the last 10 years for 4 generations is 2.6%.

Green areas are well below average COI. The yellow area marks average COI +/- 0.4% point. Red areas are well above average.

Lifespan in pedigree

Average recorded lifespan in pedigree: 7 years, 4 months.Based on lifespan-info of 11 entries in pedigree out of a possible 30 (36.67 %).

Recorded breed average in iwdb.org is 7 years, 5 months.Based on lifespan-info of 6296 dogs

Dogs that died in their first year are left out of the calculations, according to normal practice when calculating average longevity information in dogs.


Basis for veteran age is FCI-regulations; 8 years

We have 4 recorded veterans in this pedigree. 7 died before veteran-age.

We are missing info on 19 dogs

36.36% of dogs with known lifespan were veterans

Ancestor lists

Common ancestors

Sire and Damline

Sires and dams


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