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Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles (Age at birth: 3 years, 5 months.)

Dam: Ciancara Of Singing Swords (Age at birth: 4 years, 6 months.)

Date of Birth: 14 September 1992

Singing Swords Mabinogion

(F) 14 September 1992, HM42826703, Whtn

US CH Riverbrook Ruddles

21 April 1989
Breeder: G. McKenna

Chapelleigh Duke Of Nutstown

1 December 1985
Red Brindle
Breeder: D. & D. Bushby

Clonara Nizam

12 March 1983
Breeder: S. W. & M. H. Wilkins

Solstrand San Antonio Of Edeyrn

9 November 1978

5 years, 8 months.

Breeder: D. A. Kenis Pordham

GBCH Clonara Cassnu

12 March 1978
Breeder: S. W. & M. H. Wilkins

Nutstown Grainne

1 October 1980
Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

Athcarne Fintan

9 April 1978

6 years

Breeder: T REDMOND

Carrokeel Florrie Of Nutstown

9 June 1975
Breeder: E. C. Murphy

Nutstown Biddy

4 June 1985

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

CH The Earl Of Nutstown

3 April 1981

Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

INT IE CH  Carrokeel Sir Connel Of Nutstown

26 February 1979
Breeder: E. C. Murphy

Nutstown Queen

15 January 1973
Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

Kracken Contessa

1 July 1980
Breeder: I. Parker

Nutstown King

22 February 1976
Breeder: J. & K. Kelly

Coolbreagh Cailte

13 February 1976
Breeder: W. Clarke

Ciancara Of Singing Swords

26 March 1988
Breeder: M. & G. Perlman

Ciancaras Enforcer Of Swords

4 June 1984

US CH Singing Swords Isaiah

21 April 1982

US CH Ciancu Brinsley Singing Sword

29 August 1978 Whtn
Breeder: Conahay

US CH Singing Swords Nolig

20 December 1979 Whtn

Wolfe Tone Maggie

2 July 1982

US CH Singing Swords Moses

22 October 1978 Brindle
Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Singing Swords

19 April 1976 Whtn
Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

Ciancaras Squires Legacy

24 December 1983
Whtn Brdl

US CH Singing Swords Squire

21 January 1980

US CH Singing Swords Whelan

6 January 1976 Rd
Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

US CH Whitehalls Lu Singing Swords

22 January 1977 Whtn
Breeder: F. R. Dean Jr.

US CH Ciancu Thea Singing Swords

29 August 1978
Rd Brdl
Breeder: Conahay

US CH Singing Swords Whelan

6 January 1976 Rd
Breeder: S. Engel-Elliott

Katherine Of Dublin

1 March 1974 Brdl

Full siblings

Number of full siblings: 2

Singing Swords Mozart

Singing Swords Sir Tylor (5 Offspring)

Half siblings

Number of half siblings: 143

Number of litters with half siblings: 28

Litter number 1:

Born 22 January 1990

Sire: Ballykelly Loughrea Dam: Ciancara Of Singing Swords

Singing Swords Clancey Carey

Singing Swords Jamie (20 Offspring)

Singing Swords Warrior

Singing Swords Winston II

Litter number 2:

Born 2 September 1990

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Sing Swords Lily Cahirciveen

Singing Swords Celtic

Singing Swords Fiona O'Shea (14 Offspring)

Singing Swords Hattie (25 Offspring)

Singing Swords Lyza Lee Lee

Singing Swords Sir Shandy (15 Offspring)

Litter number 3:

Born 19 November 1990

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Tovah's Megan

Singing Swords Amy

Singing Swords Cullum (21 Offspring)

Singing Swords Emily (12 Offspring)

Singing Swords Gadhar Mo'r

Singing Swords Merlin O'Due

Singing Swords Mister Nick

Singing Swords Shamuss O'Due

Singing Swords Susan Butcher (11 Offspring)

Singing Swords Tara III

Singing Swords Uther

Litter number 4:

Born 15 January 1991

Sire: Singing Swords Samson Dam: Ciancara Of Singing Swords

Mary Patricia O'Branagain

Mikey Snuffaluckalus

Singing Swords Big Babyboris (37 Offspring)

Singing Swords Isabeau

Singing Swords Rhiannon (15 Offspring)

Litter number 5:

Born 30 January 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Sarah Bowman

Singing Maggi Of Black Swords (3 Offspring)

Singing Swords Rachel Leigh

Singing Swords' Randalane

Litter number 6:

Born 19 February 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Ariel

Singing Swords Harry Hofmann

Singing Swords Lady Margaret (6 Offspring)

Singing Swords Precious Gem

Singing Swords' Magi Magoo

Litter number 7:

Born 24 March 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Miss Lillian

Singing Sword Shamus Shanahan

Singing Swords George Patton (34 Offspring)

Singing Swords Macwilliams

Litter number 8:

Born 19 May 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Tovah's Megan

Badlands Rumbling Thunder

Singing Swords Amerigan

Singing Swords Fizzkiss

Singing Swords Macbeth

Singing Swords Seamus II

Singing Swords Sir Dublin

Litter number 9:

Born 1 August 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Sing Swords Lily Cahirciveen

Singing Swords Cloey Jean

Singing Swords Ernie

Singing Swords Iddy Biddy

Singing Swords Navar

Singing Swords Ruger

Litter number 10:

Born 12 August 1991

Sire: Ballykelly Loughrea Dam: Ciancara Of Singing Swords

Siaging Swords Emer

Singing Swords Afton Of Ara

Singing Swords Sadie Sorkow

Singing Swords Sara St Clair (10 Offspring)

Singing Swords Shana

Singing Swords Shanna

Singing Swords Victoria Gray

Litter number 11:

Born 24 August 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Sarah Bowman

Singing Swords Abraham (13 Offspring)

Singing Swords Grady Nobles

Singing Swords Murphy's Law (4 Offspring)

Singing Swords St Nicholas

Litter number 12:

Born 25 August 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Windfern Woopi Singing Sword

Simba Of Bartlett

Singing Swords Dorey Jean

Singing Swords Mac Canann

Singing Swords Rach St Clair

Singing Swords Ruddles' Son

Singing Swords Sir Izod

Litter number 13:

Born 27 September 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Ruby Bayomi

Singing Swords Delilah's Song (7 Offspring)

Singing Swords Katie Ii (19 Offspring)

Singing Swords Patty Cake (7 Offspring)

Singing Swords Rocket Jay

Singing Swords Sampson

Litter number 14:

Born 19 December 1991

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Lozen

Singing Swords Ag Gairi CEO

Singing Swords Bree Anna

Singing Swords Darcy

Singing Swords Joleen

Singing Swords Kelly II

Singing Swords Kitty (5 Offspring)

Singing Swords Marcus

Singing Swords Shane III

Singsword Kanes Irish Mickey

Truck J Miller

Litter number 15:

Born 22 February 1992

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Tovah's Megan

Singing Swords Enya Bawneen

Singing Swords Finnegan McCullough

Singing Swords Jody-Butt

Singing Swords Kyrie' Eleison

Singing Swords Lyra

Singing Swords Shamrock Oday

Singing Swords XIV

Litter number 16:

Born 6 March 1992

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Dr Jane

Singing Swords Gustoph

Litter number 17:

Born 11 March 1992

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Ruby Bayomi

Liam's Sword

Paddy O'Furniture

Singing Sword Ruddles Tucson

Singing Swords Katie III

Litter number 18:

Born 17 May 1992

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Calypso Queen

Chelsea O'Cheery (3 Offspring)

Royal Heir Tu Keltic Sword

Singing Cara Of Celtic Swords

Litter number 19:

Born 23 July 1992

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Lochbay's Kathreen

Port Au Prince Brigid

Port Au Prince O'Quinn

Port Au Prince Victoria

Singing Swords Maeve McBrin

Litter number 20:

Born 20 October 1992

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Jamie

Singing Swords Aloysius

Singing Swords Laurentz

Singing Swords Lord Bentley

Singing Swords Of Ardara (14 Offspring)

Singing Swords Oxie Morann

Singing Swords Serendipity

Singing Swords Sheena

Litter number 21:

Born 20 March 1993

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Ciancara Of Singing Swords

Albion of Albert American Club (3 Offspring)

Albion of Albert American Club JP (5 Offspring)

Alf of Albert American Club JP (10 Offspring)

Litter number 22:

Born 14 May 1993

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Sword Nellie Cashman

Legends Leo Of Singing Sword

Singing Swords Mairghread

Singing Swords Molly Gallagher

Singing Swords Norah Morrow

Singing Swords Opus Warlock

Singing Swords XV

Singing Swords-Name-Satchel

Litter number 23:

Born 14 January 1994

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Kiley Of Highland Terrace

Alexi An Alainn

Highlander Justice

Mor Cos Of Highland Terrace

Rocky's Shadow Of Wink

Shamus O'Sullivan Jalee

Siobahn Of Highland Terrace

Virg's Mega Bucks

Litter number 24:

Born 4 March 1994

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Jamie

Aingeal Dhorca Camshronach

Beibhinn Of Camshronach

Camshronach Mackintroch

Camshronach Rowan (10 Offspring)

Camshronach's Scooby Doo (59 Offspring)

Guinness Of Camshronach

Singing River Bakabane S.C.

Litter number 25:

Born 25 June 1994

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Punkins Daisy

Singing Swords Ambrosia

Singing Swords Brian Boru

Singing Swords Cody Maccool

Singing Swords Ruddles Rosie (8 Offspring)

Singing Swords Ruprecht

Singing Swords Seamus O'Sher

Singing Swords Tara IV

Litter number 26:

Born 10 February 1995

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Singing Swords Baskerville

Adams Celtic Cu (6 Offspring)

Singing Swords Priscilla (15 Offspring)

Singing Swords Remy M (76 Offspring)

Litter number 27:

Born 3 October 1995

Sire: Riverbrook Ruddles Dam: Tenderland Farms Red Kay Dee

Tenderland's Ben Nevis

Tenderland's Kay D's Banshee (5 Offspring)

Tenderland's Kay D's Charmer

Tenderland's Kd's Win Chimes (20 Offspring)

Tenderlands Kd Irish Crystal (21 Offspring)

Tenderlands O Cassey With Love

Number of offspring: 7

Total number of unique descendants: 1,253

(Total born worldwide after Singing Swords Mabinogion: 82,764)

Litter number 1. Partner: Singing Swords The Actor

Litter born: 14 December 1995

Casey III Wheaten

Seamus O'Reilly Whtn

Grianan Tara (9 Offspring) Whtn

Kelty Gazelley Whtn

Panama Valentine (28 Offspring) WHEATEN

Rose O'Malley's Joy Whtn

Serrano Caliente Whtn

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Total number of possible ancestors (4 gens): 30

Actual number of ancestors: 29 (14M/15F)

Ancestorloss: 1

Percentage lost: 3.33%

Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.67%

Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0.00% (4 generations)

Coefficient of Inbreeding compared to breed average

The Kennel Club recommends breeding with a lower Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) than the average.
Average COI worldwide over the last 10 years for 4 generations is 2.6%. Green areas are well below average COI. The yellow area marks average COI +/- 0.5% point. Red areas are well above average.

Lifespan in pedigree

Average recorded lifespan in pedigree: 5 years, 10 months.Based on lifespan-info of 2 entries in pedigree out of a possible 30 (6.67 %).

Recorded breed average in iwdb.org is 7 years, 4 months.Based on lifespan-info of 5107 dogs

Dogs that died in their first year are left out of the calculations, according to normal practice when calculating average longevity information in dogs.


Basis for veteran age is FCI-regulations; 8 years

We have 0 recorded veterans in this pedigree. 2 died before veteran-age.

We are missing info on 28 dogs

0.00% of dogs with known lifespan were veterans

Ancestor lists

Sire and Damline

Sires and dams


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